Surprise and delight

We all strive daily to find new ways of improving the experience of our guests. Happier guests generate repeat business, new business from referrals and — very importantly in today’s world — positive comments on social media.

Last month, we started a structured effort to “surprise and delight” our guests by sending an amenity to a number of them each day, for no particular reason. Because our hotel is the home of Boston Cream Pie, that’s typically what we’ve chosen to share with our guests, accompanied by a handwritten note from the front-desk agent, concierge or other associate who prompted the delivery.

Since starting this program, we’ve already seen an uptick in guest-experience scores and recorded numerous guest comments specifically stating how receiving the amenity made their stay extra special.

There has been another benefit we didn’t anticipate: our associates report feeling invigorated about having the opportunity to do something “above and beyond” that augments the initial contact they had with a guest. They also report getting personal feedback from guests who appreciate receiving the amenities they sent. 

What do you do in your hotel to surprise and delight your guests?