Sunday clues, Monday morning blues

It’s 9 p.m. in Maui. According to my body clock, it’s now actually 3 a.m. with the six-hour time difference. I’ve been traveling nonstop from Washington, D.C., since 10:30 this morning.

When I arrived in Honolulu I immediately observed so many families enjoying their Sunday evening at the airport. Young kids were playing with older children. There were no tears and no overabundance of electronics. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying their time together. When my connection flight landed in Maui, I was so surprised to see passengers remaining in their seats once the plane stopped and the fasten-seat-belt indicator was turned off. Out of habit, I immediately stood up, gathered all of my belongings and began to rush out of the plane. I was reminded by the pace of others that I was indeed not in a hurry.

Sunday nights can be reserved for a lot of apprehension with a return to the busy workweek. But here in Hawaii I noticed people enjoying family and the pace of the island without appearing to be stressed. As I took the one-hour drive from the airport to Kapalua, I drove with the windows down. In the background, I heard the subtle roar of the ocean, smelled the aroma of families cooking dinner and saw groups finishing up their fishing duties on the beach as night fell. 

I know if I had been home this Sunday evening, my wife and I would have been organizing the kids to finish their homework, to have a snack, to get things ready for breakfast the next day, to prepare for the workweek and to ensure the house was clean. Here, families sat outside enjoying the starlit skies and looked forward to waking up in paradise.

My greatest takeaway is to make sure that wherever you are, you look at things through the eyes of a person on vacation — with newness and enhanced observation. Incorporate the same feeling, the same newness and the same wonder that a child might exhibit to look at your surroundings every single day and enjoy exactly where you are, in the moment.

May you have a terrific and happy week while you look differently at your surroundings to find “vacation attributes” in everything!