Strong marketing or blanket bombing?

The web and the electronic world overall have been offering us all kinds of interesting new opportunities, and the entire universe is always moving fast with both opportunity and challenge. We can’t help thinking that sometimes not enough thought is given to the consequences and the processes involved. The focus is often more on the technical advances and improvements that can be made at the expense of well-thought-out offerings with customers’ needs in mind.

We are all very familiar with email blasts, regular use of databases and seemingly a desire to contact consumers directly at every opportunity. This may well be sensible, but sometimes it becomes monotonous, intrusive and annoying to the point of it being negative marketing. We find ourselves deleting emails even from our most liked suppliers without opening them.

No doubt there is some validity in the concept that the more times you shoot the more success you will have. With the email world — as compared to traditional marketing methods — there is, of course, no limit. When this is combined with suppliers constantly offering the same products at the same price, but with a different header, our view is that it becomes tiresome. Even worse is when we are offered products time and time again that we have recently purchased — or, even more annoying, that we are actually awaiting delivery of. On occasions when the latter is offered at a lower price or packaged in a more attractive way, annoyance sometimes turns to anger.

Are our electronic marketing folk great technicians at the expense of being strong and creative marketing people?

What is your view? Do you think more thought and creativity need to go into email marketing? What good examples have you recently come across that work and are fresh and creative?