Stress reducers

Operating a busy hotel can be stressful at times, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid stress whenever possible. Here are some common business activities that many people don’t typically describe as stress reducers but that I find work that way for me and my team:

Accurate forecasts 

If everyone in your operation knows what’s really going to happen, then plans and resources will be aligned correctly.  This is especially true when scheduling staff. Accurate forecasts lead to department schedules that appropriately match staffing with business levels, thus avoiding the last-minute scrambling that occurs when solid information was absent during the scheduling process.

Purchasing activities also benefit greatly from accurate forecasts. Have you ever had to jump in your car to fetch something for the chef that he/she needs right now but didn’t buy sooner because the forecast was “off”? 

Tip: Evaluate everyone involved in assembling and finalizing your forecasts, then add to this list. You may find a “more is merrier” approach will improve accuracy. 

Appropriate meetings 

Most of us who prefer to be on the floor don’t like to be in meetings, so start relating to them differently — as opportunities to reduce stress. The more you and your associates know about what’s going to happen, the better everyone can prepare to deal effectively with those upcoming realities. Your guests will benefit as well — from the friendly service that is naturally offered by relaxed, “in the know” staff members.

Handling issues immediately 

Trust me, issues (i.e., problems) and the stress they create aren’t going to disappear until you and your staff deal with them head-on, so you might as well handle things quickly and completely. It’s the next best thing to having done it right in the first place — the best stress reducer of them all!