Street art gains acceptance

Street art gains acceptance

It’s back. It’s off the wall. And after many variations, some claim street art as a genre of fine arts. Often considered unlawful, the street art trend appears to be gaining acceptance as many artists have actually found fame by doing what previously would have resulted in an arrest.

Defined as “art created in public spaces,” street art can take on many impressive forms. Traditional paint is only one element, as artists take to the streets with works that are in no shape or form nearly equal to that of a traditional painting. Beginning with a crack, wall, shadow or weeds, imperfections are the new canvas for these specialized artists. 

My favorite street artist, Mark Jenkins, incorporates the most amazing sculptures and figures made from packing and scotch tape with his most famous works located in Rio de Janeiro and Washington, D.C. 

Blu, an artist from Italy, has gained fame with his unexpected, oversized wall paintings and murals throughout Bologna.  

Creative street art can prove to be of great value to a hotel property for one simple reason: it’s memorable. Any time a guest is inspired to take a picture, you’ve immediately increased your visual impression count. Think about your main entrance, the sidewalk-strolling tourists or where guests wait for their car. I invite you to keep these locations in mind as you check out a few fun street art examples from all over the world. (Keep in mind the first two examples are “flat.”)