Still interested? Need to talk …

Do you receive upwards of a hundred emails each day? Are you in the habit of prioritizing your responses based on the subject line of the message?

My wife and I are in the market for a new vehicle, and we are using the Internet to accomplish our requests and research. Many car dealerships have automated responses that thank you for your inquiry and also list some other details about their competitive advantages.

The follow up emails may also be auto-generated, but I question their subject line choices. One response after a week delay was “Still interested?” and another was “Need to talk.” To me, they are a bit too direct and offensive, as if I didn’t do something correctly in my lack of follow-up as a prospective buyer. Shouldn’t it be the seller’s responsibility to remain patient and follow up as many times as necessary to make the sale? In reviewing the corresponding emails, it appears as though about 90% of them are automatically generated anyway, so why offend a customer with such directness?

In your business, do you place responsibility on yourself and your sales team for follow-up? What approaches have been successful for your organization to obtain responses while not offending the customer?

I am INTERESTED to hear your thoughts …