Spoiled for choice?

We face more and more choices each day, to the point where it often can become overwhelming. Food companies come up with “brand extensions” to place even more products on the shelves. Viewers have more to watch than ever with TV, cable, Hulu and Netflix at the click of a button while Internet searches yield thousands of results. I often wonder if all these choices actually enhance our experiences or simply get in the way.  Sometimes, I admit, I yearn for a bit of simplicity.

Wine lists are no different, especially if you’re not well versed in terroir or your destination favors a list from locales that aren’t in your wine rack. We don’t have any vineyards here on Lanai, in case you’re wondering, so we thought the wine list could be a perfect place to offer the customized experience we know our guests seek as well as simplifying life just a little — and when you’re on vacation, isn’t that the point?

We wanted to offer guests a proprietary label for our wine list and chose to partner with Napa Valley’s Buccella, which specializes in handcrafted, luxurious wines and is best known for its cabernet sauvignon. Our wine takes its name from One Forty, our American steak, Hawaiian seafood ocean-view restaurant, whose menu complements the wine beautifully. The name also has a connection to the island, representing the total square miles of Lanai, the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in Hawaii. Diners not only get a wonderful wine but a bit of Lanai’s history, in one simple-to-place order.

Mission accomplished, a votre santé!