Special week in India

Special week in India

The historic Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai officially re-opens on August 15, which appropriately happens to be India?s Independence Day.

It has been nearly two years since the tragic terror attack on the city, which also caused much damage and pain to equally legendary Oberoi hotels. While several factors will make it difficult to achieve a fast rebound in business levels, I am so impressed by the courage and tenacity of the two leadership teams returning to the market better and stronger than ever.

I encourage all hoteliers around the world to take a moment on August 15 to think about what the re-opening of the Taj means to this industry. Thaink about what we can learn from the events of two years ago, especially how they treated their teams with such care, and how we all might be able to move forward with such grace, resilience, style and determination.

Congratulations to Ratan Tata and Raymond Bickson at Taj, as well as P.R.S. Oberoi and his family for showing the world how much they understand the importance and beauty of providing gracious hospitality — both to guests and their loyal teams.