Spa and wellness communities: The next hot trend?

Golf courses were once the anchor for resort communities. Their lush greens helped communities differentiate themselves from the competition and attracted buyers who were willing to pay a premium to live there. As the economy began to decline — along with interest in the sport of golf — these communities began to rework their plans.

Inspired by the golf community business model, plans currently are being discussed and developed around the idea of spa communities. With the renewed focus on health and wellness, many believe wellness- or spa-oriented communities are the next wave in residential development with firms such as Delos becoming players in the field. Our company’s spa brand, Mii amo, has recently received numerous inquiries from developers seeking a wellness component to anchor their developments. At the recent Global Spa and Wellness Summit, one of the topics and discussion points was the resurgence of wellness communities.

What are your thoughts? Are wellness communities making a comeback, and will they be a hot trend?