Sow your seeds today

On my drive home recently, I passed by a garden center that had a colorful sign that stated, “Sow your seeds today for a bountiful garden.”

On the same day, my 14-year-old daughter decided she wanted to become a vegan. She told us whatever you ate the day before would affect how you felt the following day. She was feeling tired and wanted to have more energy. The next morning, when she awoke, she jumped around excited that she was committed to this new lifestyle of eating and also felt better physically.

What are you doing in sales to “sow your seeds today”? Unless you are planting magic beans, it will take some time to grow your garden. It will also take care (watering, fertilizing, pruning).

The same holds true for sales and the relationships you foster with your clients. It takes time. Don’t expect a hug upon the initial meeting. Don’t expect to see baby pictures or to learn of clients’ most passionate pet peeves. Nurture the relationship, call when you don’t need anything, listen to what they need and concentrate on growing the relationship.

My daughter was fortunate that she was able to see almost immediate results. It all starts by planting those seeds, so begin today. Make that phone call. Set up that appointment. Embark on a new lifestyle, then add in time and care, and you will be able to enjoy the bounty!

MPD: Start today!