Sorry mom, I got a tattoo

Sorry mom, I got a tattoo

As sales people, we need to make decisions to book business. Sometimes, we also need to say we are “sorry” if we move too quickly, make mistakes or don’t consider all options.

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, there is a tattoo shop that sums up this emotional jeopardy perfectly, “Sorry Mom Tattoo.” Some people are going to get a tattoo regardless of whether or not their mother approves.

In the hotel industry, you might book a piece of business regardless of whether or not the revenue team approves. My suggestion is to be very cautious. While your job is about turning contracts and obtaining revenue, it is also about booking smart pieces of business that make sense for the property. Saying “sorry” to booking a 25-room group that uses your 4,000 square foot ballroom during peak season is not enough. An error of this magnitude may ruin the availability of space and pattern for an entire week.  A selfish booking may cost a hotel thousands of dollars while personally costing you your credibility.

What is the worst bookings (or tattoo) that you can share with me and the readers?