Something old is now something new

This week’s trend is not about your grandmother’s wallpaper but rather a wallpaper covering that offers unbelievable texture as well as “surprising intrigue” once the admirer realizes it’s not the real deal.

For those who thought wallpaper had altogether lost its luster after its long reign as a design staple, the product is again trending. It’s a fascinating touch for a statement wall whether located in your lobby or a guestroom.

But before I get into what makes the new version different than what your grandmother may have used, allow me to share a fascinating history lesson on wallpaper. First, it dates back to the 13th century right before the Renaissance period, and initially it was used to feature religious images that were created as an alternative to expensive tapestries. The wallpaper products were actually hand-painted via a stenciling process, thus the reason many were later claimed as statements of art.

In the past, most have been leery of adhering massive amounts of paper to walls, but today, with consumers not as attracted to long-term décor as in the past, many are finding it worth the removal-process headache when it’s time for a change. 

Thanks to digital technology, there are several prints that will allow you to focus more on a natural motif versus domineering florals and patterns that in a few years would have you asking, “What was I thinking?!” Reclaimed wood, animal skins, vintage plates, lace and metallic prints have all been adopted for wallpaper projection. 

Two companies I spoke to agreed reclaimed wood planks were the top sellers, and most purchases are on a matted versus coated or glossy paper.

Today’s options have so greatly improved that statement walls are often ranked in the top 10 for 2014 design trends, which is a big thing for the return of wallpaper.

So tell me, did this trend trigger a wallpaper memory from your past — possibly the word “flocked” comes to mind? And, would you consider using one of the new digitalized papers either at your property or home?