So much more than a job

A hotel or resort can credit any number of factors — location, décor, culinary experience or history — for its success. Here at Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i, our team members are 100% the key to our success. Not only are they providing amazing service to our guests in whatever they do, but they are our ambassadors — of the hotel, of course, but also our unique destination and everything it has to offer. More often than not our guest comments include wonderful notes about staff met during their stay and great interactions they had that made their visit truly memorable.

That’s why we love it when we can create positions that serve a real purpose but also provide an opportunity to showcase our range of amazing team players. We have a new position on staff here on Lana’i, resort aviarist. We have a partnership with the Bay Area-based Peninsula Humane Society. With the abundance of captive tropical birds throughout the world and their long-lived nature (some birds can live 80-plus years) the society’s mission is to find them good homes, as these rescue birds cannot be returned to nature. And what better place to call home than the beautiful island paradise of Lana’i?

Bruno Amby is not only the caretaker of Ke’O Ke’O, Ola and Hau’oli (and we’ll have three more birds in future), but he is a true Lana’i kapuna, or elder, who loves sharing his knowledge of island culture.

Guests can find him near the birdcages or throughout the resort with one or several of the birds — he makes stops at the Kids for All Seasons club every day on his rounds. Or they can learn to make a “bird” from a coconut leaf. Weaving is a very traditional art in Hawaii, and it’s a great opportunity to learn about the sustainable island communities who used every part of the tree — trunk, leaves and fruit — in their daily lives. 

So when you’re looking for ways to deliver great experiences, often you don’t have to look much further than your staff cafeteria. 

(Check out Bruno’s video as he teaches you croquet! Yes, he also is a renowned croquet player and plays a mean harmonica, too!)