Skinny mini?

Skinny mini?

Just how virtuous do guests really want to be when it comes to snacking in the privacy of their hotel room? This is a question many hotels must answer as they look to upgrade and differentiate their minibar offerings.

Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar San Francisco recently was touting new gluten-free minibar options, including brown rice snaps, a fruit-and-nut bar and even gluten-free alcoholic sorghum beer. The hotel cites a statistic that 21 million people currently eat gluten-free.

Meanwhile, The Eldon Luxury Suites Hotel in Washington, D.C., has gone in a different direction. Upon opening in 2009, the property did fill its minibars with healthy selections. However, following poor sales of the items, the hotel switched gears and replaced many of the healthy offerings with sweets. “They sold like hotcakes,” says General Manager Vinh Nguyen. “We now offer an in-room snack bar ranging from chocolate cappuccino bars, chocolate-covered almonds, chocolate-covered cherries and chocolate chip cookies. Gummy bears are our number one-selling snack.”

Where does your hotel fall in this debate? Do your minibars feature rice cakes or chocolate cakes? Can you have frosting on both sides here? I’m interested to hear your perspectives … just as soon as I finish these gummy bears.