Sincerity in sales

Sincerity in sales

Over the weekend, I was in a health food store looking for gluten-free products. The ladies working there were very nice, if not a little “over the top” nice. A Catholic priest — apparent by his collar — entered the store, and one employee immediately greeted him and said, “Father, how was your Valentine’s Day?” You could tell he was a little surprised to be asked about the day which, according to Wikipedia, is used to “celebrate love and affection between intimate companions.” He politely replied, “It was fine.” I’m sure his reaction was subdued because of the innocent way it was asked and the sincerity behind the question.  

Have you ever interacted on the phone with a salesperson who asks “how are you” but quickly dismisses your response to get into a sales pitch?

I’ve watched salespeople in the past who work tradeshows by only looking at people’s name badges, even before they make eye contact, to see how important they are. If they have the coveted “buyer” font, they are treated well. If they have the “student” font, they are dismissed immediately. Good luck trying to network with these salespeople if you have a ” supplier” font. (You must be looking for a job or trying to steal away my customers at my booth!)

Last week, a member of my team was complimented as being “the only salesperson that stayed in touch with me when I didn’t have a job.” This meeting planner secured a new position with even greater revenue potential for the salesperson! Thank you for sincerity!

Next time you see a rabbi, don’t ask him how his Christmas celebration was. 
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