Silencio, por favor!

A few years ago I wrote about silence being the new luxury. It comes to mind as I lay in bed at a nice resort spa. It’s 11:41 p.m., and I can hear the person next door on the phone and girls in the distance having fits of laughter. The guy upstairs just turned on his shower, and it temporarily sounds like I’m in a boiler room. Another poor soul has allergies, and I want to send her some Benadryl and my box of tissues. Cue the airplane and lastly the couple in the room to my left whispering sweet nothings as if they’re right here in bed with me.

Sure, I have the white noise from the minibar, which sounds like it’s trying too hard to ventilate properly, and the front desk reluctantly gave me a pair of earplugs, but is this the solution?

Two questions:

1. How much (more) does it cost to add decent soundproofing to a conversion?

2. Does anyone feel a “quality of sleep” rating on TripAdvisor might sway you to stay in, or avoid, a hotel differently than the overall rating might?

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just have to stream some real boiler-room noise on the Bluetooth speaker so everyone can get some sleep tonight. Or maybe hotels should curate white-noise soundtracks!