Siesta-less selling in Barcelona

Siesta-less selling in Barcelona

I had the great fortune to travel to the Hotel Arts Barcelona over the weekend and was incredibly impressed not only with the property but also with the city itself.

When I have the opportunity to visit new destinations, I always try to learn from the local culture and apply certain aspects into my own life. This is what I learned in Barcelona:

  • There appears to be an overwhelming sense of happiness throughout the city, with a focus on living and enjoying life. 
  • Fresh food and vibrant flavors sustain the spirit. 
  • Friendships and conversations cleanse the soul. 
  • The respect of nature and history allows everyone to enjoy the present.

When I returned to the states, I sent an email to my hosts in Barcelona thanking them for creating an exceptional experience for me. The message was sent to six individuals at 3 p.m. my local time, which equated to 9 p.m. in Barcelona. Within four minutes — no exaggeration — every one of the recipients responded with a glorious, appreciative reply. This reinforced the passion, pride and work ethic that many Catalonians possess. The practice of afternoon naps has been long gone for the service industry experts in Barcelona, as there does not appear to be enough time in the day to tell others about the paradise in which they live.