Shiny New Object Syndrome

When I was returning recently from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International’s (HSMAI) Annual Digital Marketing Council retreat as we gathered to plan for the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategy Conference, I was reflecting on the depth of insights I gained from this tremendous group of thought leaders on many matters. One conversation revolved around what I will refer to as Shiny New Object Syndrome, or SNOS.

Some related terms you may have heard before are “gear lust,” “tech addict,” and for good measure, let’s throw in “early adopter.” These are a little different than what my esteemed marketing colleagues were discussing. My husband suffers from SNOS (we still have all paraphernalia and even the box that came with the first Newton! Anyone remember those?!).

 SNOS is more akin to that moment when management is blinded (operative word here) by the “new” thing being introduced as the latest tool, software, network or other technology-based solution. Or it could be a business process. Like a slot machine, this new object or idea shines, whistles, blinks at you with the promise(s) of more revenue, reduced costs, higher conversation rates or other cures for business obstacles du jour.

Do you know someone or have you observed Shiny New Object Syndrome in your organization?