Sherri’s top five at HX/BDNY

Co-habitating at the Jacob Javits Center last week was the unveiling of HX, The Hotel Experience Show (a transformation of the previous International Hotel & Motel Restaurant Show) and the BDNY (Boutique Design New York), a hub for the hospitality design community to explore what’s new and next.

With an emphasis on stylish boutique-like exhibit spaces, BDNY growth continues with more exhibitors than ever while the HX Experience showcased more of the industry’s nuts and bolts necessity exhibitors within a refreshed floor plan. HX included interactive platforms staffed with industry leaders sharing their expertise and knowledge while BDNY incorporated social hubs to meet n’ greet industry peers.

The following are my top 5 picks for trends, ideas or specific products I feel have the most potential to make their way into hotels in 2016:

#5  Mirror, mirror on the wall

Whether using groups of creative small mirrors, one massive large mirror or as an inlay within furniture, mirrors prevail again thanks to their versatility to add “awe” and to dramatically transform a room. They can serve as a work of art or functionally, will illuminate a dark corner. The mirrors I spotted in the aisles definitely put new meaning to this optical illusion trend.

#4  Awestruck lighting

Many of the displays showcasing lighting were like something out of a contemporary fairytale. Lighting that performs less than a traditional fixture and more of a one-of-a-kind ceiling-suspended installation, is definitely leading the trend. The larger the better in order to pull off something one could deem as “illumination art.” This trend was spotted all over the show.

#3  Trio of in-room trends

Three in-room ideas struck a chord as they generated a “why didn’t I think of that” moment. Since many guests still use the bathroom space for a quick-steam opportunity, a protective “wrapper” for the back-up roll of toilet paper that is also getting steamed is something Housekeeping would greatly appreciate; as would the next guest! Both attractive and protective, the TP Wrapper also disguises the unattractive appearance of the spare toilet paper while preserving the roll from steam-damage. 

With hotels commissioning signature fragrances with hope they will transport guests long after their stay, in room scents are now on-trend. Offering an array of aroma cartridges to guests based on their individual scent preference is a trend to keep an eye on in 2016.

The other item is a bedside jewelry holder and after experiencing a couple of incidents where I accidently left my jewelry in the room as it camouflaged into the furniture surface or granite of the bathroom counter, I think many guests would both appreciate and use this item.

#2  A new space saver

Sometimes design is as simple as transposing an object from one place and time to another which is the case of the train rack. The genius innovation by Gate House Furniture of this wall-mounted luggage rack was music to the ears for those with in room space constraints.

#1  Foot-of-the-bed texture

Flatness on the top of the bed in hotel rooms has been a personal pet peeve for years and this idea stopped many designers in the aisle. Whether for protection or intrigue, adding an element of texture is dual-purpose.