Service that shocked me

Service that shocked me

In my new position, I have already been on three trips in three weeks. I am enjoying the experiences of different cities and meeting my new team members. This travel also enables me to see examples of service in our industry that I might not have seen while sitting in an office. On Sunday night, my flight was leaving from Washington Dulles to go to JFK in New York.

As our plane backed away from the gate, I saw three baggage employees that just loaded the luggage waving goodbye to the plane and its passengers. Although I know their waves weren’t directed at me personally, I still felt good and waved back. It reminded me of the times when non-ticketed passengers could walk their family members up to the gate and offer their farewells through the windows.

This was such a simple gesture and the employees seemed to be sincere about it. I was honestly touched by their effort. It is nice to be shocked by great service for a change.  Please share with me a recent experience in which you were surprised to receive exceptional service in a non-traditional environment.