Self-driving slippers that put themselves away

Imagine a time when guests watch their guest rooms transform back to their original state before checking out. Because, why not?

Frequently, I receive trend alerts that offer great potential for hotels but for a multitude of reasons never depart the concept board. However, this wasn’t the case when a footwear industry newsletter broke the news about a pilot program at a Tokyo hotel that included “technology advanced slippers” (yes, slippers!).

Unassuming slippers on top...
Unassuming slippers on top…

Deemed quirky, fun and fascinating by guests, the innovation also is a potential time-saving asset for housekeeping. Created by Nissan’s ProPilot technology, which one day may be the driving force behind the company’s autonomous vehicles, the company operates with a small step philosophy, aka endless fragmented beta tests, all a necessity in the evolution of any innovation. 

Applying the design of self-driving technology to other objects that could stow themselves away to their designated spot when not in use, Nissan is bringing high-tech awareness to old traditions at The Tokyo Ryokan Inn. Not only will the slippers self-park, but everything from floor cushions, tables and even pillows are being beta’d under the guidance of a remote control infused with Pro-Pilot parking technology. It’s the same autonomous technology used in the 2018 electric Nissan Leaf.

...equipped with tiny wheels to re-direct themselves back to their spot in the guest room.
…equipped with tiny wheels to re-direct themselves back to their spot in the guest room.

The slippers are equipped with tiny wheels and motors that are operated with the simple push of a button, and they are returned to their original location, leaving guests entertained and the workload of housekeepers ever-so-lightly relieved. Even the TV remote knows where it belongs and will return there on its own (music to many GMs’ ears, thanks to their reputation of often disappearing).

Job well done Nissan, as I’m sure Elon Musk is amused! 

Readers, be sure to check out how the technology performs in this video.