Segmenting bath amenities

As hotels intensify efforts to provide “what guests want,” bathroom amenities are being reviewed for their next transformation.

Although chain programs have vastly improved with several popular consumer brand collaborations entering the hospitality channel, some programs are at a standstill as Strategic Sourcing teams strategize and shop for the right brand, the next big formula, ingredient, fragrance, color and/or packaging.

Although I am not at liberty to share itemized details, I can disclose a behind the scenes pulse that has a few companies in the state of re-thinking a new approach which centers around categorizing the amenity program.

In lieu of a one-brand-fits all sourcing philosophy, continuity in branded amenity programs may be vanishing.  Offering one brand across the board, and especially for the core sku’s of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, facial bars and bath soaps, is being driven by guests yearning for more of a specialized and authentic amenity experience.

Two unrelated guest surveys unveiled a great interest in multi-brand and concentrated product experiences.  Extending one brand sweep across your bathroom vanity isn’t how guests are accustomed to using body and hair products at home.

Think about it. Does it make sense to display a brand that dominates the hair care category at retail to also be branded as your body wash and lotion? And vice versa for the skin cleanser stockkeeping unit (SKU). Does it make sense to transform soap or cleanser brands into becoming your shampoo and conditioner SKU?

At home, our bathroom products are rarely consistent across the brand board. Hair, Skin and Soaps are distinctively different. Two of the largest cosmetic and beauty retailers built massive businesses around brand diversification and specialized products. And operationally, the amenity companies are becoming similar to the Estee Lauder headquarters as most carry a diverse portfolio of brands and labels allowing hotel companies to diversify their brand offerings with the benefit of buying from one supplier.

Do you use one brand for both hair and skin products at home and what are your thoughts on the possibility of brand diverse amenity programs in the future?