Sustainability concerns and cutting-edge technology are teaming up to create some really cool advances in the area of sustainable seafood.

TradeWinds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida, has added an amazing level of transparency to its seafood menu at Palm Court Italian Grill and Bermudas Steak & Seafood. Guests who order specially marked Gulf Wild seafood receive a tag number they can enter online to see the specific fish type, harvesting vessel’s name and background, biographic information on the captain, documented location where the fish was caught and more. The idea is to reassure guests that their fish are as fresh as possible and caught responsibly.

Beach resorts aren’t the only hotels focusing on sustainable seafood. Mason Street Grill at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reports it has been selling out of stone crabs since Executive Chef Mark Weber embarked on a Florida fishing expedition to learn firsthand about catching this delicacy.

Weber also blogged about the experience, and stone crabs have been a frequent topic in Mason Street Grill’s Twitter stream. “Now, when we receive the fresh claws at the restaurant, I really understand and appreciate all the work that goes into getting them on our customers’ plates and to do it in a sustainable way,” Weber says.

What other examples can you share about hotels addressing concerns about sustainable seafood in unique ways?