Scripts and schedules

Have you noticed some of your younger team members often request concise direction on how to handle certain situations?

I recently was speaking with a group of early- to mid-20-year-olds and asked them to give their opinion on a newspaper article that spoke of an elderly man that had fallen in the street. The headline read, “Bystanders Surround But Dare Not Help Up Fallen Old Man.”

There was little to no reaction from them. I asked again, “How did it make you feel?” One person, perhaps, may have said “sad.” I am not an expert in generational studies, so I am relying upon the expertise of you readers. Is this a common reaction? One person felt that certain people, regardless of age, are not able to easily express their own thoughts and emotions. Yet another suggested that while they were growing up, everything was scheduled for them by their family members so they did not have to necessarily think on their own, but rather just had to show up or be dropped off as the schedule dictated.

I am anxious to see your thoughts.

MPD: Provide freedom for “creativity and expressiveness” and not just “scripts and schedules” to your colleagues.