Sales manager, meet phone

Sales manager, meet phone

We all can agree that things are moving very quickly in today’s world. The pace has been heightened so that people are now working constantly. Years ago, an airplane flight would provide a reprieve from duties for a few hours, but today there are connections everywhere, even at 30,000 feet.  

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a colleague, and my first reaction was to fire off a very direct message insisting on cooperation on a particular client situation. I composed the e-mail and then waited to hit the “send” button, internally examining all probabilities for this message to produce my desired result. I created the message as an emotional reaction to my colleague’s message and decided it was best to simply pick up the phone. 

I reached my team member on the first try and sought to understand the meaning behind the message. We discussed it thoroughly and discovered that there was so much more to learn during this two-way interaction. His initial message to me was not intended to be unhelpful, and my interpretation of his words was incorrect. 

While some clients prefer to do business via e-mail, this should not prevent us from building meaningful relationships via phone (and in person)!  May the business be won by the best salesperson who seeks to understand needs and deliver outstanding service, rather than the salesperson who is the best writer.

Do you think you will receive a competitive advantage if your hotel is the only one that actually speaks to the customer? Next week’s blog: Sales manager, meet customer????