Sales correlation between big houses, big mailboxes

Sales correlation between big houses, big mailboxes

Last weekend, my family and I went on a walk through a luxurious neighborhood close to Trump National Golf Club in Virginia. It is surrounded by amazing homes. One interesting thing that we noticed is that each of the large homes came with a gigantic mailbox (about 4 times the normal residential size). My kids asked me about this and the only reasonable explanation that I could provide was that with “big homes” comes “big bills.” 

One of my sales managers was asking me about learning more about leadership roles. I encouraged her, and also reminded her that more responsibilities (and often pressure) come with those new “director” titles. While each of us want to progress in our careers, we also need to be reminded about the new tasks that come with new jobs. I recently met a former vice president of sales that returned to a property as a bellman. One of our neighbors is moving out of their 4,000 square foot home into a two-bedroom condo.

What type of mailbox are you looking for? Personally, I love new challenges and will be upgrading to a larger mailbox soon.