Room service, take two

I have to admit I like to order room service. I know there are naysayers out there, but when I’m on the road, I really love to order a burger and fries or yogurt for a quick breakfast before or after a run. I love exploring new restaurants wherever I go, but on the road, sometimes you just don’t want to make your way into the world just for a bite to eat. Yet that doesn’t mean I want to eat cheese and crackers on my bed, for many reasons! 

I believe our guests appreciate the service in room service. Whether they just want to kick back and relax or have a romantic dinner for two on their lanai, in-room dining should still be an experience. That means the food needs to be great as well as the service. 

The future of in-room dining lies not in “What will be served?” but “How will it be served?” Today, most luxury hotels will deliver just about anything you want, but as leaders we need to keep pushing ourselves further. In this case, how do we create a restaurant-style dining experience in the privacy of a hotel room?  

As part of our newly designed rooms at Manele Bay, we incorporate dining room tables so we can serve dinner at the table and are moving away from rolling carts with hot boxes that turn into tables. By using a new food-transportation cart we can easily deliver and serve the meal, then whisk the cart away. We’re also exploring ideas on serving multiple-course dinners en suite — the possibilities are endless! 

So I say YES to even better room service — can we take your order?