Right turn only

A few weeks ago, during a recruitment trip, I had the opportunity to meet with an incredible group of students at Penn State. We talked about the challenges they are facing as students and as members of “Gen Y.” They were very aware of the perceived “positivity” that the world now tries to sometimes artificially create. Instead of traffic signs of the past that would state “no left turn,” they noticed more encouraging messages like “right turn only.” The students felt this new approach was offering psychological benefits by empowering people to feel better by not telling them what they can’t do, but rather informing them of what they are permitted to do.

I heard that in their lifetime, a Gen Y individual will spend 23 years of their existence “online.” If you get your news from YouTube, you may be exposed to some very negative thoughts and images, many which can’t be shown on broadcast television. Most popular topics for this week include clashes with governments, crashes, fights, controversies and drama. There was a great video that I came across that only has 400,000 views, yet is wildly inspirational. Compare that to a video by Judson Laipply titled “Evolution of Dance” that has over 210 million views, and while entertaining is not necessarily stimulating others to improve the world.

Restore the faith in humanity as the video suggests and spread some positivity today!