Reward me or reward you?

A frequent traveler friend of mine recently shared that he achieved “status” on two different airlines. One provided him with luggage tags, a special card and a selection of drink coupons. The other provided him with recognition tickets to give to employees who provided good service that he experienced or witnessed. 

He didn’t want to appear self-serving, but he shared that he was more excited about the status that provided something for him personally. I recently read an article that shared something called a “helper’s high,” similar to the feeling that a runner gets with endorphins, “creating a state of euphoria” when people help others. Our industry survives on service and creating exceptional memories for others. 

When I asked my mother (in photo), she wanted to recognize others. You can tell her demeanor and spirt in the photo of her waving to a passing boat in Pittsburgh. Chances are, no one on the boat could see her, but just in case, she wanted to be nice and hospitable!  

We know what Ellie said, but which recognition program would you prefer?