Repeat after me: 2029

Have you noticed the more you talk about a subject, the more familiar you become with the topic? For example, the budget process for many companies has already started to anticipate revenues for next year, 2014. Back in the year 2000, 14 years seemed to be such a long time in the future. If I had only restructured my mortgage to a 15-year fixed loan back then, my house could’ve almost been paid off!

Let’s say it together: “2029.” And on your own, repeat this year at least 12 more times today. Do the same tomorrow and the next day. Are you thinking enough about the future, or are you just surviving one day at a time in your professional and personal life?

Today you may sign a document to lease a car for three years. Do you realize the lease will end in the year 2016? I’m not sure about your planning, but I have only uttered that year once this entire year so far.

What do you want your job to look like in the future? What do you want your life to look like in the future? Most importantly, what are you doing today to get there?

The year 2029 is only 16 years away. Refinance today for a 15-year fixed rate, and your house is paid off! Plan today for 2029, and your life will be even richer.