Remind me I needed something from you

Whose responsibility is it to follow up?

I spent this past weekend going through more than 400 emails. I noticed many of the messages were cc’s to myself awaiting responses from other people. I could not think of a better way to organize my Outlook than to copy myself on those messages that required follow-up. Originally I created a folder called “a folder that needs attention” so I would not misplace anything important. After a few months, when this folder became too full, I created another called “a folder that really needs attention”! At this point, everything requires attention. Are you challenged by similar situations?  

How can you organize the responses you owe people and also monitor everyone else’s responses due to you?

How do you keep track when others don’t respond to your queries? Please share any of your solutions in handling the deluge of electronic communications, and I will share some recent tactics that have served me well in the comments.