Relevant like RadioShack or Rickles?

Don Rickles, now 89 years old, is performing live April 25-26 in Las Vegas. In May he will appear on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” He has his own app, and he tweets. He has been performing for more than 55 years and remains one of the world’s top entertainers.

 RadioShack was 94 years old and has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

As Businessweek pointed out, “It didn’t have to be this way. If only RadioShack management didn’t keep switching identities. If only RadioShack managers didn’t keep rearranging the stores. If only RadioShack’s employees weren’t so aggressive.” If only …

An article in Advertising Age stated, “No strategy lasts forever.”

A brand needs to change, evolve and grow. Experts have even suggested that a name change for RadioShack would have helped change customers’ perception of the company, as it started in 1921 as a store for ham-radio operators.

What are you doing to remain relevant and valuable to your organization and to the industry? Can you respond to electronic leads and differentiate yourself in email communication? Has your facility changed and adapted? Does your hotel still deliver newspapers to each guestroom, or do you subscribe to services like PressReader to enable your guests to access digital newspapers? 

I recently learned that a famous ski resort adjusted its selling strategy to book more group business during the winter months after adapting to less-than-favorable snowfalls the past two seasons.

MPD: Become relevant or remain obsolete.