Recharge your batteries

Recharge your batteries

Ever miss that buzz – the continuous drum beat of new development projects – each more fanciful and exciting than the last?  Urban resorts with gorgeous residential units, restaurants, retail and services, boutique cool, resorts, design concepts that seem magical – do you miss the weekly splash?  Do you want to recharge your batteries?  I have the recipe.


Go to Asia – just about anywhere – but for the biggest recharge, go to Hong Kong, China, Singapore, just about anywhere!  The buzz is amazing.  With strong operating fundamentals and available and willing capital – particularly equity equity – the best in class of new hotel product is being conceived, designed, built and delivered in Asia today.  Standards are being reset, the bar is being lifted. 


What is really interesting is how far ahead Asia has moved, not just in the development game, but also on the sustainability front – Asia!?  At the Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific (HICAP) in October, I was stunned at the level of commitment and creativity in developing and operating environmentally friendly properties and communities.  Best in class developments over recent years are detailed at


Don’t get left behind – go east – recharge your batteries.