Ranking hotel restaurant greatness

There’s nothing like a list ranking the best of anything to generate passionate debate. We at HOTELS aren’t immune to this game, choosing 10 Great Hotel Restaurants annually, but the folks at The Daily Meal have done us 10 times (plus one) better, last week releasing a list of the 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.

Selecting 101 of anything is a daunting task, but The Daily Meal had help from a global panel of bloggers, restaurant critics and other food and lifestyle writers in compiling its list, which only includes hotels with at least 15 rooms and excludes notable restaurants located just a few steps from hotels even if they are under the same ownership.

I was heartened to see many of our recent Great Hotel Restaurants on The Daily Meal’s list — Felix at The Peninsula Hong Kong, Epicure at Le Bristol Paris and The Nomad in New York City, to name just a few. The Daily Meal also emphasized that its list did not discriminate on location, with more than 80 cities represented. As a proud resident of the U.S. Midwest, a region often denigrated as “flyover country,” I was particularly happy to see a city such as Louisville, Kentucky, represented in the ranking, with Proof on Main at 21c Museum Hotel.

What are your reactions to The Daily Meal’s ranking? Or, what hotel restaurant earns the top spot in your own personal “best” list? I’m eager to hear your feedback.