Quick ideas for Valentine’s Day

Now that it’s February, many of us are in high gear as we motor towards the finish line which is the 14th of this month. Normally, planning for Valentine’s Day is either the first marketing activity of the New Year or the foundation is laid sometime in the fourth quarter. If you are just getting underway with this project, don’t despair! There are still many tasks you can complete in the days leading up to the main event.

At this point, any little idea will help. Start by perusing the articles I’ve written on the subject in years past to see what you can glean:

This year presents an exceptional opportunity: The annual romantic apogee falls on a Saturday. As such, my first recommendation is that you institute a two-night minimum stay for that weekend. If you do not sell out on the Saturday, let’s just say it’s a given that you will sell out on Saturday, so this policy will ensure that the Valentine’s bounties extend to both Friday and Sunday nights.

Building on this, look to design a romance package that stresses bonuses rather than discounts. Instead of slashing your price to encourage sales, throw in a few more value-adds or vouchers – a spa or F&B component are always acceptable here. Another lucrative opportunity exists if you partner with local retailers. Shopping is routinely a favorite Valentine’s weekend activity and together you can easily work out a redemption system whereby if couples spend above a certain threshold a store, their savings could be worth more than the cost of the actual package!

Next up, welcome gifts help set the mood and distinguish your property if they are memorable and unique to your region. Organized couples activities can likewise heighten guest satisfaction. Whatever onsite amenities you intend to provide for your guests in this regard, be sure to mention them upfront in the package copy so that consumers know the full extent of how far their dollars will go.

Lastly, although it may be a little late in the game for this, themed events are always crowd-pleasers. Consider a fashion show, live music or a cooking class. Get creative! For instance, the InterContinental Hong Kong now offers preserved floral arrangement classes. I’m sure once you and your team members put your heads together, you can think up several other exciting alternatives.

I hope this helps, both for last-minute planners and those looking to add a few flourishes to their romantic weekend experiences. To finish, as diligent Valentine’s preparations can take a long time, bookmark this article for next year so you have it on file when you get underway.