Pricing integrity

How would you feel if you saw this at your favorite sushi restaurant?

Even before the place became popular, you had been a loyal supporter of this establishment from day one. Three months later, when others found the food and experience favorable, the owners decided to raise the prices. Instead of printing new menus, they simply placed yellow tape on the clear menu cover and wrote in the new prices by hand. Anyone with minimal dexterity could easily view the former prices.

Is the yellow tail at US$5.50 better than the yellow tail at US$3? If not, I’d prefer the less expensive roll.

All companies are in the business to make money. Is a hotel guestroom at a Florida resort sold during spring break on a weekend for US$699 a night any better than the same room that is offered for US$399 on a Tuesday in February? How would you handle the price increases if you were the owner of the restaurant? Would you offer any recommendation on how to display the new prices?