Prepare for takeoff

First impressions. They can make or break a situation. And as the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression — whether it’s meeting new people, interviewing for a job or, in our business, dazzling a guest upon arrival. Typically, that first impression transpires as soon as the guest steps into your hotel, or so we thought.

From the moment the bellman or the concierge makes eye contact, our team just has a single moment to make magic. However, many factors come before setting foot in a hotel lobby. Airline delays, severe weather, traffic, mediocre customer service or even a grumpy passenger can influence the guest’s mood or impression before they even arrive at your property.

What if we could rewind the steps prior to arriving on property, capturing them en route to the hotel? In a perfect world, it would be ideal to capture the guest as soon as they walked out of their front door and into our trustworthy hospitality arms. The entire transit experience of planes, trains, boats and automobiles would mirror a luxurious 5-star hotel experience, making for an incredible first impression.

Creating a personalized first impression — even from afar — is actually quite tangible. On Lanai, for example, guests are experiencing a “first” in first impressions prior to even touching down at the Lanai Airport. Now, Four Seasons Resorts Lanai is redefining the arrival experience for visitors with the exclusive Four Seasons Resorts Lanai Airport Lounge at the Honolulu International Airport’s commuter terminal. This is a first for Four Seasons, and it makes an awe-inspiring first impression and brings guests into the Four Seasons cocoon.

Four Seasons Lanai has thoughtfully created a sophisticated yet relaxing setting for guests prior to the short flight to Lanai. Guests are greeted by warm, friendly Four Seasons employees who are able to assist with activities, dining and essentially any other requests the guests may have. The retreat-like setting of the lounge evokes a sophisticated, island-chic design with comfortable chairs, reading material (even children’s books), high-definition televisions and a wide selection of refreshments and snacks. Four Seasons has thought of everything, ultimately ensuring guests have a comfortable, luxurious, Four Seasons-style experience during their short layover in transit to Lanai.

Four Seasons has developed a unique strategy to shape the first impression prior to arriving at the property. Whether it’s an exclusive airport lounge, car service with free Wi-Fi or innovative method of communicating, the possibilities are endless for connecting with guests and taking first impressions to the next level.

Identify opportunities in your surrounding areas, then prepare for takeoff.