Pop goes the …

For most, the upcoming weekend, (Labor Day in the United States) is the last hurrah of summer. Temperatures are still warm, so this week’s trend is a naturally delicious way to keep the heat at bay. Consumers young and old are savoring the new lineup of ice pops that are not only healthier than ice cream, but also are downright frozen bliss on a stick!

A spinoff from the dessert-on-a-stick trend and our desire to eat and sip in a healthier mode, these types of frozen treats could actually become iconic at your property! (Think about the great success behind the cookie at Doubletree.) Let’s take a look at a few “personified pops” that might just do the job.

Flavored yogurt is a great option for kids, as it can be easily decorated with fun faces. Simply insert a flat wood spoon to create a mouth and use mini marshmallows and chocolate chips to design the face. 

Root beer float popsicles are a nostalgic dessert with their feel-good, old-school connotations. Frothier and creamier than most popsicles, this version has a rich take and a bit more substance than an icy dessert and can easily be formed using any traditional mold.

Red “winesicles” are perfect for the mature guest palette. Alcohol-infused desserts have been around for a while, but these delicious concoctions will still have them coming back for more. Add a few dark chocolate chips and a touch of milk, and you have instant guest satisfaction! Conrad Hotel in New York introduced a tempting lineup of boozy pops at its rooftop bar. For US$16, these popsicles offer a blend of fruit puree and a matching mixer then served in a glass filled with Prosecco.

If you’re looking for a festive holiday treat, floral ice pops are not only beautiful to look at, but a surprise for guests. Obviously, you can’t just use any kind of flower, but your chef can take care of the exact flower selection with his suppliers. 

My personal favorite was a coin toss. The first was a simple non-alcoholic option for the hot-weathered resorts — “watersicle” balls infused with crushed fruit. The other? Ice pops with hidden prizes! Redefined as the cool factor in marketing and promotions, a company in Brazil came up with the idea of giving away iPads by developing a mini lookalike infused inside the ice pop. In fact, Apple — although initially doubtful — after never-ending tests green-lighted the frozen treat! Of course, not every ice pop contained a mini-tablet, but consumers enjoyed the guessing game! If the charm concerns you, you could borrow the concept by simply ordering flat sticks with the giveaway item embossed on the stick. (Possibly a free night’s stay? A complimentary dinner? A glass of wine?)

Now that what I call a cool factor … and a great way to beat the heat.