Pins, needles and appreciating housekeepers

Pins, needles and appreciating housekeepers

I just purchased a new pair of pants from a reputable, service-oriented department store.  The employees were very helpful and assisted me with finding my correct size. They offered different types of styles that would be appropriate for my purpose and even returned the non-purchased items to the rack for me.

The entire experience would’ve been terrific with the exception of the store missing one very important detail (see photo below). 

To the left of my shoe you should be able to see a collection of three shiny pins. What the photo doesn’t show is the 29 other sharp pins scattered throughout the dressing room floor. If I had been in bare feet, the outcome could’ve been very painful. It amazes me that such an establishment obviously spent money on hiring and training the correct customer facing employees, but perhaps neglected those behind the scenes responsible for cleaning.

In our hotel environment, you can have the best sales people and front desk employees, but if a room is dirty, the entire experience is ruined. This is a very round about way to encourage you to say thank you to your housekeeping and stewarding staff at your property. Their jobs are not the most glamorous but can prove to be extremely important to the success of your business.