Pillow mania!

From jet-lag eliminating pillows to robotic cushions, they may only cover 20% of the bed’s surface, but the latest round of pillow trends are as much of an essential as a quality mattress.

A positive sleep experience is something many only dream of. If you are in hospitality, travel extensively or just yearn for a good night’s sleep, a pillow can make or break a restful night. Sleep needs vary from guest to guest, and with the success of pillow menus, product developers are again in design mode.

From cool-temperature innovations, ergonomically correct shapes, a sunlight-stimulating alarm clock pillow or a smart pillow, doing your homework on the trend is going to take some time and certainly a test drive or two. Let’s take a look at a few currently holding ground or capturing interest.

Aromatherapy pillows are designed to initiate relaxation. Infusing the pillow with chamomile or lavender, the flowery plants known for their abilities to promote rest and relaxation, gives the body a boost to fall asleep.

Alarm clock smart pillows mimic natural sunlight to wake you up gently. They also have the ability to track sleeping patterns or stream your favorite music. In the morning, the pillow imitates a full sunrise by “gradually” emitting light as you wake. Should you desire, you can opt for sounds of nature or your own music. Smart pillows typically include an alarm, while others use an array of sensors to achieve advanced sleep tracking and the ability to provide a sleep score.

Cool pillows: I can’t write this update without talking about cool pillows! Most are designed with materials that prevent the pillow from getting too warm while increasing airflow and ventilation to reduce moisture buildup. All will ensure a cool, comfortable sleep over the course of the night.

Copper pillows are a simple solution for those concerned about bacteria, but did you know that studies have shown that pillowcases infused with fine strands of copper oxide could help prevent the formation of, and even reduce, wrinkles? Pillows infused with copper also contain antibacterial properties to assist in killing dust mites and other microbes. Beyond germ-killing properties, a pillow that beautifies by boosting elastin and collagen sounds like an excellent return on investment.

Conforming pillows are shaped to conform to the neck and shoulders; a notable trend in pillow construction.

Hybrid foam pillows are best for those with a healthy lifestyle. The uniquely shaped pillows contour to your head, neck and spine regardless of the position you sleep in.  One option with breathing-health in mind was completely hypoallergenic and had an antimicrobial design to deter dust mites, allergens and bacteria away from sleepers.

With the number of options, whether you’re educating yourself for a hospitality-related need or a new option for home, there is no excuse for blaming the pillow should you suffer from a poor night’s sleep. As with all new technologies, there may be some downsides but the awareness of the importance of a positive sleep experience can only be a good thing.