Picture this!

The Mayflower in Washington D.C. is doing it. The Resort at Paws in Montana is developing an entire program including classes and experts for it this summer. Four Seasons Houston is already onboard. Swissotel Amsterdam recently went public with their announcement of implementing the new amenity. Kimpton has committed to guests at all locations they would be available on loan.

Selfie sticks have entered the hospitality channel which has guests fascinated all over again on the art of taking the best selfie! This time around, hotels are all over the trend. In fact, this blogger wouldn’t be surprised if the expandable rod device becomes best new amenity of the year!

Loaning the rod-like contraption that guests attach to smartphones provides an enhanced panoramic view versus a traditional selfie taken an arms length away. The craze is about taking better photos and different angles while traveling.

With so many high-tech gadget options on the market, the selfie stick is a device many can relate to while the return on investment, due to the value of guests using your property as the backdrop, is priceless!

The brilliant marketing team at IHG’s Kimpton exercised the phenomenon by incorporating selfie sticks into a photo contest. Guests post pictures to Twitter or Instagram using hashtag #AdoreThySelfie to participate in a monthly contest where winners of the best “selfie-stick travel shot” are awarded a $150 Kimpton gift card, their own personal selfie stick and, the winning image will be enlarged and framed. At the end of the year, monthly winners will be entered into a grand prize raffle for a two-night stay at the Kimpton of their choice.

Personally, I feel it’s not a matter of “if” you’ll be implementing the selfie sticks amenity, but rather a matter of “when?!” 

Will you be joining the selfie stick phenomenon?