Perspectives from a professional eater

Perspectives from a professional eater

The first thing that my mother ever taught me how to cook was chicken soup. The savory aroma did more than cure my aches and blues; it transformed my house into a home. When I look back on my life, so many cherished memories and relationships are intertwined with food. It was only natural that I became a professional eater.   

Steven Kamali Hospitality has given me an incredible platform to combine my knowledge as a long-time food writer, my passion for cooking, my admiration of chefs and restaurateurs and my unbridled enthusiasm for world travel. As a Food + Beverage consultant for international hoteliers, I am constantly evaluating every morsel of my hotel experiences, always in search of the next best bite.

I am so thankful to Jeff Weinstein and the HOTELS family for welcoming me into their esteemed class of industry insiders. I look forward to sharing my unique perspective on the hospitality industry by detailing my own hotel dining adventures and my opinions on industry trends and recent developments.  

Whether it’s in-room dining, bar snacks, mini-bar amenities, hidden restaurants or fine-dining establishments, this blog will cover everything you can eat without leaving the property. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’d like to recommend a revelatory hotel dining destination or seek advice regarding the best places to sleep and eat.

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