Perfection and the perfect fill

The perfect Bordeaux, the perfect age, the perfect temperature, in the perfect delicate and perfectly shaped crystal glass shared with the perfect partner in the perfect place.


Okay, wake up from the perfect dream and get back to reality.

The perfect fill is a common goal in our business, yet it is not consistently achieved. And why is it so important?

You, as a hotel owner and/or operator, work tirelessly to drive business into your hotels. This is always most difficult during times throughout the year when demand is at its lowest point, but it is never an easy task. What about missed opportunities when your market is at 90% occupancy, the pressure to fill is there and your hotel ends up with five vacant rooms?

I recently went through an annual exercise with our teams that we do when they are building their budgets. The question is: How many nights did you achieve 95% occupancy but not 100%?

Translate the answer into lost revenue and lost profit.

In our small company we measure that daily. The hotel teams have become very competitive. One of our hotels has been particularly effective this year at achieving this goal. In 2013 it has increased perfect fill revenues by US$75,000. This is 672 additional occupied rooms compared to last year.

Even more important, this revenue is all incremental NOI.

How do they do it?

Just a couple of the numerous steps they take:

  • Make sure perfect fill is a strategy unto itself in the business plan with measureable goals.
  • Make sure the goal of the perfect fill is clear to each team member responsible.

I would love to hear how your teams accomplish the perfect fill.