Perfect packaging (for your hotel)

Perfect packaging (for your hotel)

Occasionally, you may come across a special type of packaging that is just brilliant. I needed a phone charger for my Blackberry and browsed the technology aisle at Target. As my phone model was relatively new, I wasn’t sure which product would work, and I couldn’t locate the model number on the phone itself. I stumbled upon an item made by “Just Wireless” as I was intrigued by the name, thinking that there might be a wireless way to charge my phone. On the back it exposed three of the adapters to allow the consumer to test the fit with each plug. BRILLIANT!!

This packaging was perfect. Now on to the hotel comparison. Are your hotel packages perfect? Do they fit the needs of your targeted consumer?

For example, I found a hotel that included complimentary access to its fitness center (which was already free to hotel guests). Another offered a disposable camera along with a walking map of the city. How many people use disposable cameras these days? 

Include things that will make a difference and influence the buy decision:  

  • Complimentary breakfast for government employees (so that they can “pocket” some of their food per diem) 
  • Free supervised children’s activities for those wishing to attract weekend family business 
  • Complimentary spa services for a business traveler that would not be able to expense this luxury 
Please share creative packages that were PERFECT and accomplished their established revenue goals.