People and mass transportation

I used mass transportation a great deal this past holiday season and I have to say, my experiences were very positive. I have taken trains, planes and automobiles. I know we all have horror stories, but if you travel as much as I do, statistically, you are bound to have some bad experiences.

That said, people running mass transportation companies should be proud of the good work they do and the vital role they play in the health of our economy. If I could speak to airline, train and car rental CEOs, I would say the following:

Don’t forget your employees are your greatest ambassadors.

Being on time is critical, but if you miss, let me know early and often.

Don’t lie to me about anything, it will come back to bite you.

You are my business partner, not a faceless vendor.

Safety is king but service matters.

A reservation is always a reservation, a contractual promise.

Comfort and cleanliness are not afterthoughts.

If I win, you win.