Pens not worth walking away with…

Do you protect your company’s identity and brand by covering all of the small details? I was at a doctor’s appointment recently and overheard a patient after me, while signing in, state, “These pens are not worth walking away with.” He then proceeded to reach deep into his jacket pocket to share a pen that he had confiscated from a different doctor’s office. He was proud that he had obtained it and shared it like a trophy.

Have you ever checked into a hotel to discover that the pen used to sign the registration card was from a different company? Horror if it would be from a different hotel company.

Watch the details. You may not need to spend $5 for each pen, but be mindful that the pens your team uses represent your company accurately. Check the next time you are at a restaurant, when pens are at a premium for the servers. If you receive a pen with the name of the restaurant, tip handsomely! If the pen displays a different organization, tip appropriately based on service.

MPD: Cover the details and celebrate your brand with your ambassadors.