Pain in the password

The word “password” has lost its spot as the easiest-to-figure-out password. The culprit? 1-2-3-4-5-6!

Source: Stricture Consulting Group
Source: Stricture Consulting Group

This week’s trend examines the often annoying task of “password creation.” I doubt there is an individual or department in hospitality that hasn’t encountered a site that is demanding longer passwords (many are now eight characters or more) with a mixture of numbers, letters and even symbols. 

Since most new passwords are challenging to remember, something referred to as a “passphrase” is strongly encouraged. These are short words with a space or other character separating them that are secure yet easier to remember than a random combination of characters, numbers and letters. 

On the flipside, this password creation trend is leading to a growing interest in what are known as “biometric alternatives.” For example, more than 50% of smartphone users in hospitality I polled want to use their fingerprints instead of passwords, and close to the same percentage are interested in using eye-recognition to unlock their screen. I sense the next big tech trend will be biometric smartphones going mainstream by the end of the year.

If you too have any personal password tips you feel comfortable sharing, feel free to comment. (Eight characters, a number and a symbol would be appreciated!)