Owning the attitude you should have rented

Too big for your britches?  Do you think you are more important that you are? What are you doing each and every day to prove your worth?

There are certain jobs in which you need to produce results every day, such as in sales. There are other positions that may not require daily accomplishments but rather weekly or monthly completions. I heard a radio interview of a celebrity who said as soon as he landed his first acting job, he went out and spent his entire paycheck on a sports car. He then went three years before he acquired another paying gig. His expression was that with his first job he “should’ve rented the attitude instead of owning it,” as his fame was temporary.

I see the same attitude with certain professionals when they reach a particular level. They will only look you in the eyes and pretend to listen to you until someone more important comes along. I am extremely sensitive to this and always try my best to look everyone in the eyes and make them feel as though listening to them at that moment is the most important thing I could be doing. Even during trade shows or client events, I will notice salespeople who look at name badges even before looking at the faces of clients. People are people. Treat everyone with respect.

I once interviewed a gentleman after he lost his position that had in the past been very mean to his employees, several of whom were my friends. When he was in his former job, he was arrogant, cruel and aloof. After getting fired and needing employment he approached me like a shy puppy begging for a treat. I conducted myself professionally during the process and sincerely inquired about his experiences, but his negative reputation remained prevalent in my mind. We continued the search and found a person that would be a better “fit” in the role. If only he had “rented” the attitude that he chose to “own” up until his dismissal, he could have positively impacted the lives of others who worked for him.