Overcoming ‘adversity’

Overcoming ‘adversity’

Toward the end of 2008, many of us were faced with the horrible reality that the economy was going into a recession. This would mean fighting harder to capture the minimal amount of business that still existed. Some properties went into foreclosure, others had employee cuts and many fought just to stay open. For some younger hoteliers, this was the worst that they had seen. For those that made it through the storm, they called it “overcoming adversity.”

Now that the industry is challenged with double-digit RevPar increases for 2011 and beyond, I am hearing the term “adversity” being used again.  

The new hotel sales managers are now worrying about being able to achieve substantial increases this year. They aren’t sure how they can show value over the competition. “It will be so difficult for me to make my goals this year.”

For the veterans and the freshmen, consider this

  • Would you consider being born with only one leg an “adversity?” 
  • Could you imagine becoming involved in sports while growing up? 
  • Could you even dream of competing on a collegiate level with one leg? 
  • Could you become the NCCA Division One Wrestling National Champion? 
Now, what type of RevPAR increases will you achieve this year?