Opportunities and memories

Today I stumbled upon a website that shows the current world population. It also tracks the population growth for the day by showing “births today” and “deaths today.” I became mesmerized as I watched the numbers change. The “birth” segment was growing much more quickly than the “death” category. In a sense I was thrilled for the great new opportunities that would hopefully exist for the newborns, but became more fixated on and sad about the deaths category. Listed as a number, it seemed too trivial. After all, these were people with experiences, memories and dreams. I imagined the sad families of the departed — the unpleasant arrangements they would be making and the phone calls required to those relatives waiting to hear the unfortunate news. 

My wife and I just celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary. As a gift I put together a slide show displaying the progress of our journey together, revealing the cities experienced, births of our children, acquisition of our dogs and the celebration of our lives. Here’s to looking favorably on the future of these births and remembering the fond memories and the positive impact of those who passed.

Please make today count — create more reasons for powerful memories and enjoy the new opportunities that present themselves with each and every day.